What We Do

The Foundation’s main task is to help address the problems associated with cleft lip and palate in Ghana through advocacy. There is very limited awareness of cleft lip and palate in Ghana and children with cleft are not readily accepted by society, leading in some cases to infanticide. These children are otherwise normal with an orofacial defect which lends itself to successful surgical repair. However, they usually are unable to eat or speak properly and shunned by their peers making it difficult for them to attend school or engage in normal activities like other children. Once the condition is repaired, both the children and their families can lead a normal life. Because of the limited availability of skills and resources for treating cleft lip and palate in Ghana, as well as the need for several health care practitioners in caring for these patients, the total cost of care including feeding, transportation, and hospital-based treatments is beyond the means of most patients and their families. The Foundation thus has a role not only in creating awareness of the condition, but also in facilitating access to treatment as well as build capacity in skills development.